Wild Mushroom Rice

A Mira staple, this rice dish features oyster and tataki mushrooms blended in a bed of bomba rice.
Topped off with crispy sunchokes, huitlacoche aioli, and shaved truffle to delight all your senses

Cocktail Party

Mira's curated cocktail menu brings in many Peruvian flavours, with a palate for every cocktail enthusiast

Pisco Sour

Come try our famous cocktails for yourself! Bring a friend!

Our Beef

Mira's menu features many protein based products of the finest cuts and qualities to satisfy your appetite

Mira Bar

Join us at our bar for full service dinner and great conversation. Mira's bar team will guide you along the way and enjoy our beautiful backdrop influenced by Peruvian street art.

Anticucho Platter

Our Chef's anticucho platter takes the flair of Peruvian street food and brings you into a world your taste buds didn't know they were missing. Our anticucho platter features our sensational protein skewers.

Peruvian Flavours

Our menu is always evolving to ensure our dishes meet the highest standards and brings in all the flavours of Peruvian cuisine

Our Kitchen

Our open style kitchen holds back no secrets of all that goes into our dishes. Feel the experience with us, by feasting your eyes on all that it takes to complete our envious dishes - made just for you!

Our Lama

When you see the Lama of Mira, you know you are home

Mira Celebrations

When you come to Mira, you not only get exquisite cuisine and flavours, but you also get an experience. Celebrate your next group dinner or special occasion with Mira and let us make it extra special!

Meticuloussly Done

Every dish at MIRA is beautifully plated by our fully trained chefs. They are a feast for your eyes, as well as your mouth.